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What are these exactly?

Ionic GROW and Ionic BLOOM are single pack hydroponic nutrient concentrates. Basically this means they are plant foods that can be used in both hydroponic systems or as a liquid fertiliser for non hydroponic growing.

What is so great about these products?

They are complete formulae in that they contain every mineral that plants require and these are present in balanced amounts and in a forms that are readily available for absorption by the plant.

What is the difference between Ionic Grow and Ionic Bloom?

Ionic Grow has more nitrogen for vegetative growth. Ionic Bloom has more potassium and phosphorus and is very suitable for plants when they are flowering or fruiting. Note that Ionic Bloom will not cause plants to flower or fruit, but it will feed them properly during these stages of growth.

How do I use these products?

These come as concentrates so must be diluted with water before they are fed to the plants. For hydroponic growing these are straight substitutes for hydroponic twin packs. For non hydroponic growing the concentrate most easily is diluted in a watering can and fed to the plants weekly or fortnightly depending on how fast the plants are growing.

What about dilution ratios?

For hydroponic growing the concentrates can be diluted until the required EC is reached which is generally between 5 and 10 mls per litre of water.                                                For a watering can, 5mls per litre of water is sufficient.

Any precautions?

Ionic is quite concentrated so contact with skin is not advised. Do not let it splash into your eyes. Store it at room temperature and out of the way of children.

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