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Complete Professional Dutch Nutrient for Fast-Growing Plants During the Growing Phase In Recirculating Hydroponic Systems.

CANNA AQUA Vega A&B two-part has an awesome reputation amongst countless hydroponic growers and is a prevalent hydroponic nutrient in the world today for mind-blowing growth in expanded clay, NFT, DWC or water-based hydroponic systems .

  • Formulated after years of testing and fine-tuning during Dutch scientific trials, CANNA AQUA Vega is specifically for the plants you love to grow in recirculating hydroponic systems under HID lighting where the ultimate in growth rates and heavy yields are desired.
  • The unique pH Perfect formula ensures the plants regulate the pH themselves. The pH in the nutrient tank always remains within the optimum pH range. Simply set AQUA Vega at the correct starting pH and no further correction is necessary.
  • Aqua Vega is easy to use and dissolves directly. Aqua Vega nutrition contains ph-stabilisers, so there is no need to adjust the pH.
  • Plants do not absorb all nutrients in equal amounts and speed. The composition and acid level of the nutrient solution changes over time. CANNA AQUA nutrients have been developed in such a way to ensure that the plants can always absorb the correct combination of nutritional elements that are necessary for optimum growth and bloom.
  • Use for plants grown in all high-performance recirculating hydroponic applications including; NFT, Deep Water Culture, RDWC and Hyper-aerated RDWC.
  • CANNA Aqua Vega A&B ensures healthy, lush green growth by precisely controlling the uptake of nutrients during the growth stage of fast-growing plants. It is rich in directly absorbable nitrogen elements and high-quality EDDHA-iron chelates, which guarantee an optimal absorption right from the start. Plants grow faster with Aqua Vega with larger, greener leaves.
  • Perfect for use with the range of CANNA additives.
  • Imported direct from Holland.

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